About Door Access Controllers:

The ACON Door Access Controller (DAC) is designed to provide management of doors of all types.  It's function goes well beyond the normal "are they authorized to open the door".  The DAC provides functions that support a broad spectrum of requirements.  Access may be based on any single stimulus or any combination of stimuli.

A DAC unit may be configured with any combination of user inputs:

RFID card reader.

Keypad numeric, hex, alphanumeric or custom designed.

Display, numeric, alphanumeric, graphic.

Thumb reader.

The ACON DAC may also be networked.  This provides the function of remote centralized management.  Functions such as:

  • Enroll / remove user.

  • Create / remove group.

  • Add / remove user to group.

  • Suspend user / group(s) / all.

  • Lock doors in area(s) or all.

  • Activate sound in area(s).

  • Activate signal lights in area(s).

  • Receive notification of forced door open.

  • Receive notification of attempted unauthorized access.

  • Receive notification of duress code entry.

  • Receive notification of door open duration violation.

  • Buzzer sound on door open duration violation.

  • Visual monitor of area.

  • Audio monitor of area.

  • User access tracking.